Is Eliano a boy or a girl? / What should I refer to Eliano as?

Eliano is a boy! He was assigned female at birth but began identifying as male early on in his life. In Enoran traditions, there exists a cultural status for those assumed to be one gender who transition to another. It is not a casual effort, and comes with social expectations and guidelines put in place by the Goddess herself. While the state Anocura officially recognizes these individuals as their presented sex, other cultures and races may or may not respect this tradition.

I, however, ask that you do respect Eliano's identity and use male pronouns/nouns for him in the comment section. While yes, he is a fictional character, there are actual trans people that read the comments and have to deal with misgendering, both casual and confrontational. If you have other questions about this cultural role/Eliano's relation to it, feel free to ask; just do so politely!

How can I support the comic?

There is now a Patreon for both of my comics! You can get rewards like wallpapers and bonus side comics, or even monthly year-round commissions. You can also donate to me directly via paypal ( or wait for me to open up personal commissions every few months. Also consider following the official tumblr, facebook, and twitter and telling others about the comic!

What is the meaning of random bouts of color in the comic?

Color will be related to the appearance of divinities and magic systems. Ordinary color does exist in this world, but I have made it a stylistic choice to only use it when something related to magic systems is being depicted. And title pages. Just because.

Do you draw the comic in color and desaturate? Or add color after drawing in grayscale?

Originally, color in the comic was added after drawing in grayscale. The current technique for large areas of color however, have me drawing the page fully in color and desaturating as necessary. Astute readers may noticed differences in gray tones when this happens! Generally speaking though, the comic is drawn in grayscale when no color is present.

Will we find out what was in that ark?!

That is a great question! :)